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Dec 27, 2019

According to the USDA, 95% of Americans are deficient in at least one nutrient.

Even more shocking is that In order to get the vitamin A content from one orange our grandparents ate, we’d need to consume 8 today.

Why is this happening?

One of the major reasons is our soil (and therefore the food we grow in our soil) is nutrient DEPLETED. The situation is so dire, in fact, that according to the FAO we only have 60 years of topsoil left.

This is a BIG problem with many devastating consequences.

Sadly, most people don’t fully understand why healthy soil is important or how to support food producers that regenerate our soil and planet.

(No judgies - I used to be one of them!)

Which is why this week’s podcast with Finian Makepeace, soil specialist and co-founder of Kiss the Ground, is devoted to breaking down the many detrimental outcomes of degraded soils AND the simple dietary steps we can take to restore nutrient density and environmental health.

Because every time we eat - we vote for SOMETHING.

Whether it’s:

  • CAFOs (confined animal feeding operations)
  • GMOs
  • Pesticides
  • Monocultures
  • Organic/biodynamic produce
  • Regenerative agriculture

Each of our choices has an impact.

So if you’re ready to wield the power of your fork for GOOD and become a truly conscious consumer and soil advocate tune in now!

Here are some of the enlightening topics we dig into:

  • Why sustainable is not enough
  • Why not all grass fed beef restores the environment
  • Why cows can be GOOD for the environment
  • Why too much carbon dioxide in our atmosphere is dangerous
  • The crazy cool way plants store carbon
  • The amount of insects killed by agricultural chemicals
  • Why pesticides are like antibiotics
  • Why the health of our soil can make or break our health
  • The 4 ways conventional agriculture destroys our environment
  • The 4 questions you should ask your farmer
  • The surprising fact experts didn’t understand about soil health until recently
  • Why monocultures (even organic carrots) are bad for the environment
  • Why CAFOs are not the answer
  • The 5 HUGE environmental problems healthy soil can fix
  • The 2 important steps we can take as consumers
  • How you can become a soil advocate
  • And so much more!

Listen in, choose wisely and let’s heal our soil and planet together!


Please share this podcast with as many people as you can! This message needs to be heard. Thanks for tuning in.

Dec 19, 2019

Show Notes:

Today, 40 million people suffer from anxiety in America. Alzheimer’s affects over 5 million and depression is one of the leading causes of disability worldwide.

Even more disheartening, is the fact that many people suffering from these brain-based conditions don’t have treatment options that work for them.

Because I have both genes for Alzheimer’s and a history of anxiety, I’m obsessed with finding new research-based strategies to keep my brain sharp, calm, and focused.

Which is why I was thrilled to interview Steve Wright (author of Maverick Healing and founder of and learn about his favorite (and little known) brain and gut hacks of 2019!

Steve has always been a hero of mine (I used to watch him co-host on Chris Kresser’s podcast) and his story and knowledge of the latest brain health research will surprise and inspire you!

Here are some of the awesome topics we cover:

  • The often overlooked mineral that helps people relax
  • The secret ingredient that once made 7 Up a mood-boosting drink
  • The street drug that has cured 70% of treatment-resistant PTSD
  • What the Default Mode Network is, and why you need to know about it
  • The B vitamin that can help you feel calm in large doses
  • The supplement that helped his family member recover from suicidality
  • Why Steve called 9-1-1 after taking a vitamin
  • The vitamin that has been shown to cure addiction
  • What chocolate cravings can mean about your brain chemistry
  • The nutrient deficiency that stops healing
  • How often you should rotate your supplements
  • The cutting edge SIBO treatment that you need to know about
  • The biofilm buster that can help heal your gut
  • How to become a Maverick healer
  • And so much more!

I hope you love this episode as much as I did!

And if you find it helpful, please SHARE this valuable information with anyone it might benefit.

Links / Offers:

Maverick Healing Library - Learn More HERE!
This “Hushed Up Library” is packed with the most CRITICAL treatments Renegades are using on the front lines of medicine right now.
Follow Steve’s work and stay up to date on cutting edge gut health research, protocols, and proven products.

Dec 13, 2019

Show Notes: 

Radiate in 28 Wellness Program - 

Paleovalley Organ Complex - 

Paleovalley Essential C Complex - 

Paleovalley Supergreens Powder - 

Paleovalley Grass Fed Beef Sticks - (For recording your micronutrient intake) - 

Dec 11, 2019

Since I was a teen, I’ve struggled with mental health issues that no doctor (or psychiatrist) knew how to treat.

It wasn’t until I adopted the paleo diet and suddenly felt calmer, clearer and happier than I had in YEARS, that I understood the food I was eating was affecting my emotions.

Today, the link between food and mood is a burgeoning area of research and something I’ve spend hundreds of hours studying, which is why this week’s podcast is devoted to the 3 steps I’ve taken to keep my mood more stable than it’s been in all my life AND some of the awesome new research I think you’ll benefit from knowing about.

Here are some of the other topics I cover:

  • Common side effects of psychiatric meds
  • The foods moms eat when they’re pregnant that increase their child’s risk of mental health issues
  • The link between gluten and schizophrenia and psychosis
  • Hidden sources of gluten
  • Why the wrong kind of dairy may provoke mental health issues
  • The nutrient deficiency that almost ⅓ of those who are depressed suffer from
  • The super nutrient that helps keep me calm
  • The most important foods and nutrients for mental health
  • The food that will keep your brain 11 years younger if you consume it daily
  • The simple trick I used to avoid mood fluctuations
  • The link between depression and type 2 diabetes
  • The link between diabetes and Alzheimer’s
  • The lifestyle hacks I use to keep my mood stable
  • The 2 perspective shifts that have improved my mood significantly
  • My New Year’s resolution
  • And so much more!
Dec 4, 2019

Getting our kids excited about whole foods today can feel like an uphill battle.

Junk food is everywhere.

There isn’t always time to cook meals from scratch at home.

And for those of us who didn’t grow up cooking, getting kids involved in the kitchen can be INTIMIDATING.

Thankfully, that can all change today because Katie Kimball, creator of ** Program is here today to teach us all how to get kids excited about food and cooking! As a former teacher, her strategies are cleverly curated and effective and I know you’ll LOVE them.

(My Mav has officially completed her knife skills course and his kitchen confidence is soaring:)

Here are some of the awesome tips you’re in for...

  • The biggest mistake we make as parents when trying to get our kids to eat healthfully
  • The 3 steps for avoiding power struggles at the dinner table
  • How to ensure your kids are hungry at dinnertime
  • A sample dinner plate for kids
  • How to get kids to understand the consequences of food
  • How to limit sweets, without completely depriving our kids of them
  • How to navigate Halloween gracefully
  • The age where you may want to stop policing sweets
  • The best way to get kids motivated to eat whole foods
  • Simple strategies for getting kids involved in the kitchen
  • The best time to get kids involved in the kitchen
  • How to teach kids to understand kitchen measurements
  • When it’s time to raise your expectations in the kitchen
  • Why she doesn’t recommend special knives for kids
  • How old kids should be before they use real knives
  • Strategies for handling food allergies and sensitivities gracefully
  • The #1 thing you must do when your kid feels left out due to a food sensitivity
  • How to keep kids excited about whole foods outside your home
  • The common mistake many parents make that encourages disordered eating
  • The food her neighbor removed to get rid of her headaches
  • And so much more!

Tune in now, share this information with all of the parents, and tell me what you think in the comments below.


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Nov 27, 2019

A few weeks ago as a new pet owner, I took my new puppy Charlie to the vet and inquired about the perfect diet for my new puppy.

“Almost all vets feed their pups Purina and other kibble,” my vet said.

“What about raw dog food? That’s what we’ve been giving her?” I replied.

Well, raw dog food can contain bacteria that can be an issue.” said the vet.

And so we switched to a high quality kibble.

Within just a few days we noticed a profound difference in our Charlie girl.

  • She was tired.
  • She was whining.
  • She wanted to go outside 6 times an hour to go to the bathroom.

She just wasn’t herself.

So to get to the bottom of whether or not raw dog food really was dangerous or beneficial, asked the founder of Raw Dog Food, DeDe Murcer Moffett, to break it down for us.

Turns out, there is TONS of controversy when it comes to how to nourish our puppies and I think you’ll be surprised (and definitely entertained) by what she has to say.

Here are some of the awesome topics we cover:

  • Why puppies began eating kibble (this will surprise you!)
  • Why it is clear that dogs eat meat
  • The one macronutrient that most dogs DON’T need (but most dog food is made from!)
  • Why many vets recommend kibble
  • The amino acid that dogs need to thrive
  • Whether or not we need to be worried about bacteria on a raw food diet
  • Why mixing raw and kibble is not a great idea (whoops!)
  • How to find a truly holistic vet
  • How DeDe knows her pups diet is supporting her gut health
  • How to test your puppy’s microbiome
  • The famous study that shows us exactly what our pets need to thrive
  • How to find high quality, properly sourced raw food
  • Why organic isn’t always the best way to go
  • How to cut your raw dog food costs dramatically
  • How to get your vet on board with raw dog food
  • Dogs that should not consume raw dog food
  • How to get her raw dog food feeding guide for free
  • And much more!

Listen in now, share this important information and let me know what you think in the comments below! <3

FREE GIFT: 10 Steps to Raw Feeding in a SNAP!

Nov 22, 2019

Paleovalley Essential C Complex

Paleovalley Organ Complex

NAC (Nacetylcysteine)

Glutathione (My favorite brands)

*Just for the sake of transperancy this is an affiliate link which means you save a percentage off of the retail price and I receive a portion of the profits. If that makes you uncomfortable in any way, please just feel free to find the product with a google search and order directly from them.

Red Ginseng


Clean, Carb free wine

Paleovalley Grass Fed Beef Sticks (for your purse to help avoid drive-thru taco attacks!)

Paleovalley Bone Broth Protein Powder

Radiate in 28 Challenge (starting January 5!)

Nov 20, 2019

The ketogenic diet can be a powerful tool for weight loss, craving reduction, brain health and perhaps even longevity.

BUT (and that’s a big but) there are many simple mistakes that can negate all of these benefits and leave you feeling frustrated and burned out.

For example - did you know that consuming the wrong type of oils has been shown to cause inflammation in your body for over 100 days after!?

It sounds crazy but it’s true, so if you want all the juicy details on how to reduce inflammation, optimize hormone levels (listen up, keto ladies!), detox and how to avoid the #1 reason people fail on the keto diet, tune in to this week’s incredible podcast with the founder of Keto Kamp, Ben Azadi!

Here are a few of the other gems you’re in for...

  • The most important food for keto success
  • What you need to know if you don’t have a gallbladder
  • The most inflammatory keto approved foods in the world
  • The TRUE cost of french fries (this will shock you!)
  • The food (that most of us eat) that is more damaging than smoking packs of cigarettes a day
  • How to know if dairy works for you
  • The best fats for keto
  • How to avoid the keto flu
  • 3 ways to break through a keto plateau
  • How you should measure success with keto (spoiler alert: it’s NOT the scale)
  • Why keto can cause weight gain and how to avoid it
  • 2 little-known things that could be interfering with your sleep
  • How to do a keto detox
  • Why the Biggest Loser will never have a reunion show
  • How to make keto FUN & practical
  • The best way to break a fast (and the worst!)
  • And so much more!

I hope you love this episode as much as I did! His story will make your hair stand on end. It’s SO good. <3

Links / Offers

Keto Kamp Inner Circle

Nov 15, 2019

FODMAPS Beginner’s Guide

Paleovalley Pastured Turkey Sticks

Paleovalley Apple Cider Vinegar Complex

Enteric Coated Peppermint Oil

How to Activate Your Vagus Nerve Podcast with Dr. Habib

Paleovalley Essential C Complex

Organic Flax Seeds

SIBO & IBS Solutions Podcast with Dr. Brown

Natural SIBO and bloating remedy

*For the sake of transparency, some of these links are affiliate links which means I receive a percentage of your purchase. If you’re uncomfortable with this in any way, please just google the product and order directly from their website. But if you’d like to support me and the free content I create, it would be greatly appreciated. 

10% off COUPON CODE for this episode is "ww10"

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Nov 13, 2019

Fasting is easily one of the most powerful dietary strategies we have today.

Research has shown it can improve weight loss, detoxification, brain function, and promote longevity. It’s also been shown to decrease side effects of chemotherapy, reduce the risk of cancer in animal models, and I’ve even noticed it improves my mood dramatically.

BUT, there are many things you need to know before you jump in if you want to succeed.

The longest fast on record, for example, was 382 days completed by a Scottich man named Angus Barbieri. He lived on soda, vitamins, water, and coffee and lost 276 pounds.

Obviously, that is not where you begin.

(He was monitored by his doctors the whole time - do NOT try this at home!)

In this podcast, you'll learn how you can still eat everyday and reap the benefits with the advanced (yet practical) strategies from best selling author, Siim Land.

Here are some of the gems you’re in for...

The many benefits of fasting
How you can lose fat without eating less
How to age more gracefully
How to trigger more autophagy
How to know when to stop fasting
The best type of coffee to consume while fasting
A perfect beverage to kick autophagy into overdrive
The difference between time restricted eating and fasting
What you need to take on 3-5 day fasts
Why he’s not a fan of long term fasts
The perfect food to break a fast
The best time to fast during the day
Strategies for improved sleep
Where to begin!
And so much more.

Tune in now! And please share this podcast or tag a friend you think may benefit.

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Nov 8, 2019


3:14 Number 1, 5:17 Number 2, 6:34 Number 3, 7:56 Number 4, 9:30 Quick Tips


The Danger of Certain Synthetic B Vitamins

Titanium Dioxide & Inflammation Research

Titanium Dioxide & Nutrient Absorption

Carrageenan & Inflammation

Stearic Acid & Immune Suppression in Mice

Carrageenan & The Immune System Research

The Truth About Iron & Oxidative Stress With Morley Robbins

Whole Food Vitamin C vs. Ascorbic Acid With Morley Robbins

Paleovalley Clean Supplements

Grass Fed Organ Complex - nature’s multivitamin made with gently freeze-dried organ meats from 100% grass fed and grass finished beef 

Essential C Complex - immune-boosting vitamin C from whole organic acerola cherries, amla berries, and camu camu berries

Apple Cider Vinegar Complex - fat burner and digestion booster with organic ACV, turmeric, ginger & more

Turmeric Complex - inflammation fighter with organic turmeric, ginger, rosemary, coconut oil & more

Naturelo Supplements

Concentrace Minerals Drops

Nordic Naturals Fish Oil

Rosita Cod Liver Oil

Gaia Herbs

Just Thrive Probiotics


*For the sake of transparency, this link is an affiliate link which means I receive a percentage of your purchase. If you’re uncomfortable with this in any way, please just google “Atrantil” and order directly from their website. But if you’d like to support me and the free content I create, it would be greatly appreciated. :)

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Nov 6, 2019

For the first time in two centuries, the current generation of children in America may have shorter life expectancies than their parents.

This breaks my heart.

Fortunately, there is a LOT we can do to change the course of our children’s health for the better, which is exactly what we’re chatting about with mom, author, gut expert and lunch lady, Hilary Boynton.

Here are some of the awesome topics we cover in this podcast:

-Why Hilary loves medicinal mushrooms (and which ones to take for better energy)
-The popular diet trend that caused Hilary’s health to deteriorate
-How to navigate our junk food-driven environment gracefully
-How to get our kids to eat healthful foods long term
-Simple steps we can take to cultivate healthy guts
-How to get your kids to eat organ meats
-How to teach your kids about food quality
-The difference between a “being” and “doing” parent
-How to become a lunch lady

And so much more! Don’t forget to share this information with anyone you think it may benefit.

Links / Offers

Hilary’s Website - 

Hilary’s Best Selling Cookbook - The Heal Your Gut Cookbook -

Oct 30, 2019

Music and sound can be powerful healers. Certain frequencies have been empirically shown to:

- Improve sleep
- Promote peace
- Evoke positive emotions
- Calm pets
- Heal

There’s even a frequency (582) called the LOVE frequency which is believed to help you experience and attract love. Intriguing, right? Which is why in today’s podcast with grammy-award winning musician and creator of Wholetones, Michael Tyrrell, you’ll learn how to use sound to improve your (and your family’s) health in truly impressive ways!

We even talk about frequencies and music that can promote peaceful familial interactions during holidays.

Who doesn’t want that?

This was one of my favorite podcasts to date so don’t miss out! And please share this important information with anyone you think might benefit.


Get a special deal on Wholetones HERE! - use discount code: PALEO10 at checkout for an additional discount!

Oct 25, 2019

Essential C Complex -

Teal Pumpkin Project -

Food Dye Testimonials -

Loma Linda Study - Sugar & Immunity -

Wellness Momma’s List of Non-Food TREATS -

Ashley’s Famous Paleo Pumpkin Pie Recipe -


  • 1/2 cup coconut milk
  • 1/2 cup honey
  • 1/4 tsp. Salt
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 TBSP pumpkin pie spice
  • 2 tsp. Vanilla
  • Dash of cinnamon
  • 1 pie pumpkin
  • 1.5 cups pumpkin puree


  1. Bake pie pumpkin at 300 degrees until shriveled and soft.
  2. Pour flesh in a bowl and scoop out seeds.
  3. Add all ingredients to a food processor and blend
  4. Pour into crust and bake at 350 degrees for about 60-90 minutes or until it doesn’t jiggle when touched with a knife and a knife comes out clean.

PaleoHacks Paleo Candy Recipes -

How to Roast Pumpkin Seeds Instructions -

Body Wisdom Program - 

Oct 23, 2019

Farm raised and wild salmon are two different foods. Not only in their nutritional profiles, but also in the way they impact the environment.

Sadly, MOST of the fish you find on the market and in restaurants is NOT wild.

(YES, even in many super fancy restaurants)

So if you’re ready to learn how to choose the highest quality and most sustainable salmon on the market, do yourself a favor and tune in now!

Here are a few fun facts you’ll learn:

  • What makes Alaskan salmon super sustainable
  • Why the color of farm raised salmon and wild salmon is so different
  • What farm raised salmon are fed to help them grow more quickly
  • Why we want to avoid antibiotics in the fish we eat
  • The nutritional differences between farmed and wild salmon
  • The ONLY way to know the salmon you’re choosing is not GMO salmon
  • The one type of salmon you’ll always want to avoid
  • How to choose the highest quality and most sustainable salmon on the market

I hope you love this podcast as much as I did! Don’t forget to tag a friend in the comments below who needs this information. Friends don’t let friends eat low quality salmon.


Learn more about Wild Pastures here

Oct 18, 2019

Mat Lalonde’s Nutrient Density Rating Scale - 

Paleovalley Grass Fed Organ Complex - 

Tera Protein Powder - crid=1GHFXJL9EJFMH&keywords=tera+pumpkin+protein+powder&qid=1570044779&sprefix=tera+pumpkin+protei%2Caps%2C165&sr=8-4

Paleovalley Bone Broth Protein Powder -

Radiate in 28 -

Capomo (coffee replacement) -

Four Sigmatic Cordyceps -

Body Wisdom Program -

*Please note that some of the links provided here are affiliate links which means I get a small percentage of your purchase. If you’re not comfortable with this, please feel free to google the company and check out the product that way. Thanks for listening! :heart:

Oct 16, 2019

I used to do ANYTHING to get my son to stop crying.

Funny faces.
Tap dancing.

At times I felt like a one-woman circus.

It wasn’t until I heard an interview with Katie Crosby, an occupational therapist specializing in emotional regulation, that I realized my role went beyond making him feel happy in the moment.

For long term emotional and physical health, I needed to help him understand, express and integrate his emotions in a healthy way.

A skill many of us never learn today, but desperately need!

Which is why I have been dying to share Katie’s 6 Step Process for Emotional Resilience!

This process has not only transformed the way I help my son manage his big feelings, but it has been key in helping me regulate my own emotions, too!

(Step #2 has also helped my husband and I fight far more peacefully!:))

So tune in now and learn about Katie’s simple 6 steps!I sincerely hope it’s as helpful for your family as it has been for ours.

And if it is, take a second to share this important information with anyone you know and love. <3

Links / Offer / Bio

Learn How to Guide Child Through Heightened Emotions HERE!: 

Oct 11, 2019


2:14 Natural, 2:51 No Added Hormones, 3:40 Grass Fed, 7:24 All Vegetarian Fed, 8:02 Cage Free or Free Range, 9:12 No Animal Byproducts, 9:45 Humanely Raised


Wild Pastures Meat Delivery Service -

Body Wisdom Program -


Oct 9, 2019

A few weeks ago on Instagram I made a lot of our followers angry.

I posted about a program called The Adrenal Recode designed for people suffering from HPA axis (adrenal) issues or nervous system balance that can sometimes be experienced by keto dieters.

Many of our keto followers were offended by the suggestion that keto is “dangerous,” but as you’ll learn in today’s INCREDIBLE podcast with clinical nutritionist Christa Orecchio and keto expert, Leanne Vogel of Healthful Pursuit, some people just don’t do well with keto.

Now I’ll be the first to admit, I LOVE the keto diet.

It’s worked well for me (I cycle in an out a few times each year) and the benefits for those who want to lose weight, reduce cravings and maybe even prevent or reverse diseases like epilepsy, certain cancers, mental health issues and maybe even Alzheimer’s and cancer are undeniable.

BUT, that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone, all the time.

So if you want to learn…

Whether keto would be beneficial for you
The one mistake many women make when trying keto
How to tell when keto is not working (without expensive testing)
The one thing you MUST do to maintain health long term
The population that seems particularly vulnerable to nervous system imbalance
How to know you should stop listening to a “nutrition expert”
And how to strategically re-introduce whole food carbohydrates into your diet without weight gain and fatigue, THIS is the show for you.

It is easily one of my favorite podcasts ever and I know you will feel empowered by what these two wonderful and knowledgeable women have to share.

Don’t forget to share this podcast or tag a friend who may need a little keto clarity.



Oct 4, 2019


2:48 Watch the Sugar, 6:15 Vitamin C, 10:06 Fasting, 13:10 Cod Liver Oil, 14:47 Zinc, 17:25 'Munity Boost, 19:49 Propolis, 20:20 Naturelo, 20:57 Body Wisdom


1973 Loma Linda Study

How to Test Blood Sugar Handout - Primal Panacea Book

Essential C Complex

Apple Cider Vinegar Complex

Dr. Longo Fasting Study

Fasting & Immunity Article

Rosita Cod Liver Oil

Nordic Natural Cod Liver Oil

Grass Fed Organ Complex

Premier Research Labs Zinc (for taste test)

‘Munity Boost by Barlow Herbals

Bee Natural Propolis

Naturelo Whole Food Gummies for Kids

Body Wisdom

*Please note that some of the links provided here are affiliate links which means I get a small percentage of your purchase. If you’re not comfortable with this, please feel free to google the company and check out the product that way. Thanks for listening! <3

Oct 2, 2019

Much like processed junk food, there are SO many JUNK skin care products on the market.

Ones that promise fewer breakouts, softer, wrinkle-free skin and a radiant glow, but are filled with so many chemicals that they make things worse.

Believe me, I used to have the worst skin. I spent my twenties trying product after product.

The good news? I’ve found a few skincare tricks and tips (as well as products) that have helped me get the kind of skin I’ve always wanted. So in today’s podcast, we’re talking all things skin with the COO of one of my all-time favorite organic, natural skin care companies, Annemarie Skin Care. Here are some of the enlightening tidbits you’re in for:

  • 2 Ingredients you NEED to avoid in skin care products
  • Why certain oils are great for you skin (and others are a big no-no!)
  • How to identify your skin type
  • What greenwashing is, and how to avoid it
  • The link between low stomach acid and acne (and how to improve stomach acid levels)
  • Foods that nourish the skin
  • What an anti-aging skin care routine looks like
  • How to get some awesome skin care for FREE (just pay the cost of shipping)
  • How to revitalize your facial muscles while working!

I hope you love this short and sweet episode as much as I did.

Valuable Resources:

Click HERE to Unlock Your Clean Beauty Trial + 2 FREE Bonus Gifts!

Sep 27, 2019

Ever wondered where we got the ideas for all of our products? Tune into this week's weekend wellness podcast to find out!


1:43 Grass Fed Beef Sticks, 3:38 Essential C Complex, 4:58 Pasture Raised Turkey Sticks, 5:39 Turmeric Complex, 6:32 ACV Complex, 7:54 Grass Fed Organ Complex, 8:51 Bone Broth Protein Powder, 10:04 Organic Supergreens, 11:40 Radiate in 28


Grass Fed Beef Sticks: 

Essential C Complex: 

Pasture Raised Turkey Sticks: 

ACV Complex: 

Turmeric Complex: 

Grass Fed Organ Complex: 

Bone Broth Protein Powder: 

Organic Supergreens: 

Radiate in 28: 

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