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Take control of your health by moving beyond the Paleo template and learning about cutting edge health strategies that really work. This podcast will give you tips and tricks from the mouths of experts and common folk alike who discovered exactly what it takes to THRIVE. Join Chas and Autumn Smith, loving and passionate husband and wife and founders of as they guide you on the journey to cultivate vibrant health and wellness.
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Apr 26, 2017

Have you diligently adopted the paleo diet yet still suffer from gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation or heartburn? If so, you're going to LOVE today's podcast.

Sylvie is a former SIBO sufferer and the witty creator of the uber-popular blog, Hollywood Homestead. After antibiotic treatment failed her (twice!) she took it upon herself to become educated and experiment.

Have you diligently adopted the paleo diet yet still suffer from gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation or heartburn? If so, you're going to LOVE today's podcast.

Sylvie is a former SIBO sufferer and the witty creator of the uber-popular blog, Hollywood Homestead. After antibiotic treatment failed her (twice!) she took it upon herself to become educated and experiment.

She literally attacked her SIBO guns blazing and even though SIBO is traditionally a VERY difficult condition to treat, today she is symptom-free and thriving!

Here's what you'll learn:

Why she had to become her own health advocate
What SIBO is The 4 main symptoms of SIBO
The 2 different types of SIBO
Whether or not you might have SIBO even if you don't have digestive issues
The 3 main causes of SIBO (including one you've probably NEVER heard about!) Other conditions often associated with SIBO
SIBOs link with nutrient deficiency
The consequences of unaddressed SIBO
Why SIBO is so difficult to diagnose
Which test you MUST have to properly diagnose SIBO
Why other tests are inadequate
The link between SIBO and leaky gut
Why most SIBO treatments fail long term
Why antibiotics alone aren't enough for long-term remission
Why herbal antibiotics are often more effective than antibiotics
The 3 herbal antibiotics she used to kick her SIBO
The 2 best diets SIBO
The diet that finally beat her SIBO and how to do it healthfully
The often unaddressed reason for many SIBO remissions
A supplement many people forget but NEED to treat SIBO successfully
The 4 things you need to do to successfully treat SIBO for GOOD
Her favorite protein powder for treating SIBO And much more!

Apr 19, 2017

If you've tried EVERYTHING to lose weight or reach your health goals to no avail, you're going to want to listen to today's podcast, The 3 Obstacles to Sustainable & Vibrant Health with International best-selling author, David Zappasodi as soon as you possibly can!

I reached out to David after reading his amazing book, Immovable Heart Unstoppable Mind, about a year ago because it had such a profound impact on the way I viewed HEALTH. He's been a motivational speaker and fitness training professionally for over 20 years and his innovative approach to health and fitness has helped countless people TRANSFORM their lives.

Since we recorded our first podcast, The Secret Sauce for Fat Loss, David has become a friend and his book has become an international best-seller.

Apr 12, 2017

Have you ever tried a keto diet (or been curious about trying it) only to decide it was wayyy too restrictive?

Leanne is an ultra passionate Nutrition Educator and food blogger in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Her goal is to help you do away with feeling overpowered and controlled by food by giving you the tools you need to inject your life with happiness, healthfulness, and a whole lot of dietary fat.

Basically, she's here to help you fall in love with yourself and relinquish your fear of eating fat.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • How Leanne because SO passionate about high-fat living
  • How to know if keto is right for you
  • *How Leanne's approach is different than standard keto
  • Leanne's 3 different versions of keto
  • *The keto path for those with hormonal issues
  • *The keto path for those who crave carbohydrates
  • *The keto path for those who want to see fast results
How to make keto feel liberating
  • How to use carbohydrates strategically and still be keto
  • When to eat carbohydrates for best results
  • How fasting fits into the keto lifestyle
  • The ONE thing you should never do while fasting
  • The most common food allergies for those Leanne works with
  • Whether or not "high protein" keto is actually a problem
  • *The difference between being fat adapted and being in ketosis
  • The populations who will benefit MOST from a ketogenic diet
  • How to do a "breakfast challenge" and why it will change your life
  • Helpful tricks for navigating the carb flu
  • *The beverage you need to calm the keto flow
  • Why being mindful of your electrolyte intake is important when you're in ketosis
  • How to tell when you are in ketosis (with and without testing!)
  • *Leanne's favorite "quickie" recipes for people who hate cooking
  • Leanne's favorite condiments for keeping keto delicious
  • What her dinner plate looks like
  • The keto-approved sweetener that makes her break out
  • *Three amazing remedies for acne that you've NEVER heard about!
  • And much more!
Apr 5, 2017

Dr. Izabella Wentz, Pharm.D., FASCP is a passionate, innovative and solution focused clinical pharmacist. She has had a passion for health care from a very early age, inspired by her mother, Dr. Marta Nowosadzka, MD.

As a result of extensive research and experimentation, Izabella has a new lease on life and created THE Hashimoto's Protocol. So far, her protocol has helped THOUSANDS of people reduce their symptoms and achieve remission.

So if you're suffering from Hashimoto's or hypothyroidism symptoms (cold hands and feet, thinning hair and eyebrows, constipation, lethargy) and an inability to lose weight, please be sure to listen to today's podcast! Dr. Wentz is literally one of the most knowledgeable experts on Hashimoto's in the WORLD and we cover tons of interesting topics that we didn't in our first podcast with her, episode 56. Here are some of the juicy tidbits you'll hear:

  • Why she's on a mission to heal the world of Hashimoto's
    The 5 stages of Hashimoto's
    When conventional doctors begin treating Hashimoto's and why that's an issue
    How to catch Hashimoto's in the early stages
    How many people are able to stop taking medication
    An exciting new way to regenerate damaged thyroid tissue
    The symptom many people have that means you should be tested for autoimmunity
    The exact test you need to have to ascertain your risk
    Issues with thyroid medications
    Her favorite thyroid medications
    Why you need to have your thyroid antibodies tested if you are pregnant
    The one thing that raises your child's risk of autism by 80%
    Whether or not thyroid medications are okay during pregnancy
    Why the standard TSH ranges are outdated
    The optimal TSH range
    The root causes of Hashimoto's that almost no one hears about (this will shock you!)
    The most common nutrient deficiencies associated with Hashimoto's
Her favorite supplemental ways to correct these deficiencies
    The common parasite that's been linked to IBS, Hashimoto's and hives and how to treat it
    Why carbohydrate sensitivity can be a sign of a deeper issue
    What low ferritin levels can tell you (pretty amazing!)
    What ideal ferritin levels look like
    *The BEST diet for Hashimoto's
    The most problematic foods for those with Hashimoto's
    The uncommon food sensitivities commonly seen in Hashimoto's
    A great way to get your organs if you HATE the taste
    Whether or not raw milk is problematic
    *The one (super affordable) supplement that increased her energy levels the most
    Whether or not a low carb diet harms thyroid function
    The one piece of advice she'd give you for vibrant health
    And much more!
Mar 29, 2017

Dawn Preisendorf (MA, NC, CHWC ) and she has a master’s degree in nutrition and health education, and is a certified Wellness coach. She has also completed more than 200 additional hours of clinical training with Functional Medicine experts, and is a certified Hormone Cure Practitioner through Dr. Sara Gottfried frees women from fatigue, low energy and digestive distress. She has helped hundreds of women get to the root cause of their health problems, and reclaim vitality so they can live their lives full-out.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Why she left a successful career to help people get healthy
  • How many people suffer from fatigue
  • What percentage of her clients increase their energy levels (this will shock you!)
  • Why fatigue is not a caffeine deficiency
  • Why most people are looking in the wrong places for energy
  • The 5 underlying causes of fatigue
  • Foods to eat for energy
  • 4 Supplements that will help heal your gut
  • How to test for food sensitivities
  • How to tell if you're absorbing your nutrients properly
  • Why low triglyceride levels are not always a good thing
  • What you need to know if you have heartburn
  • A simple strategy for improving nutrient absorption
  • Gut infections that can cause fatigue
  • How to spot gut infections
  • How to treat them naturally
  • How hormonal imbalances cause fatigue
  • How to create hormonal harmony
  • Her favorite probiotic
  • The most effective digestive enzymes she's found
  • The herb you MUST take if you have a gut infection
  • The most often missed cause of fatigue
  • 3 exercises you can do to improve energy levels
  • One important question to ask yourself before you attack your fatigue
  • The foods you should add and eliminate for vibrant energy
  • The best supplements for vibrant energy
  • And much more!
Mar 25, 2017

Dr. Tom O’Bryan is an internationally recognized speaker and workshop leader specializing in the complications of Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity and Celiac Disease as they occur inside and outside of the intestines. He is the founder of, an author and just released a documentary series all about autoimmunity called Betrayal.

He is so committed to inspiring people to take back their health that it is PALPABLE.

I've honestly never interviewed anyone more informed or passionate.

So don't miss his wise words because they are truly life changing!

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Which of his autoimmune antibodies were elevated!
  • The #1 mechanism for getting sick and dying (hint: it's NOT cardiovascular disease!)
  • Why America is ranked second (from the bottom) in terms of quality of life even though we spend more than on health care than any other country
  • The most common triggers of autoimmune diseases
  • The REAL problem with gluten
  • The food 72% of his patients have elevated antibodies to
  • Why you may be on the autoimmune spectrum even if you don't have symptoms
  • How to find out if you're on the autoimmune spectrum before it's too late
  • The best test for determining your place on the autoimmune spectrum
  • The 2 OTHER reasons (besides gluten!) that wheat may lead to autoimmune disease
  • Why there are 4 TIMES more people being diagnosed with Celiacs Disease (CD) than in the 1950's
  • How we know that the increase in CD is NOT solely the result of better diagnostic tools
  • The main reasons autoimmune rates are skyrocketing today
  • Who develops intestinal permeability when they eat wheat
  • Why depression is the most common symptom for those with Celiac Disease
  • Why cereal grasses (found in many greens powders!) may be doing more harm than good
  • How many antigens in wheat we test for vs. how many there REALLY are!
  • The gene that can increase your risk of a vaccine injury
  • How many toxic chemicals are found in the placental blood of newborns (this will shock you!)!
  • 3 steps you can take today to stay off of the autoimmune spectrum
Mar 15, 2017

Megan has a bachelor’s degree in American Literature from UCLA and a master’s degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine. She is a writer, student, teacher, wife, and mother who works with Chinese herbs and Chinese massage. She's also been teaching others about the immune system and gut health for over 6 years!

She is knowledgable, kind and incredibly passionate about all things BABY.

So if you're feeling confused about how to nourish your little one, please listen to our podcast, and walk away with tools that enable you to feed your baby with CONFIDENCE.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • The different birthing methods and how to choose the best for you!
  • What you need to know if you have a C-section
  • The lifelong impacts of caesarean birth
  • How to mitigate the negative effects of caesarean birth
  • How a mamma's diet affects her breastmilk
  • Why what YOU are eating now affects what your baby's future dietary habits
  • How your gut and breastmilk are related
  • How your genes affect your breastmilk
  • Whether or not the supplemental nutrients make it into your breast milk
  • The benefits of extended breastfeeding
  • When to stop breastfeeding
  • How to supercharge your breast milk supply
  • The 4 major nutrients exclusively breastfed babies may be missing out on
  • What delayed cord clamping is and how it can prevent nutrient deficiencies
  • Why DHA supplementation is very important for pregnant mamma's
  • Her favorite DHA supplement
  • Why probiotic supplements can improve mineral counts
  • Her favorite probiotics for moms and babies
  • The best first foods for baby and when to introduce them
  • Her favorite first SUPERfood for babies
  • Foods that actually block mineral absorption for babies
  • Why egg yolk can be problematic for babies
  • Why babies shouldn't be drinking much water
  • WHEN babies should be eating for best results
  • A nighttime tonic that can help your toddler sleep
  • Which probiotic strains the literature has shown are effective for colic
  • Tips for taking care of mommas
  • The benefits of infant massage
  • And much more!
Mar 8, 2017

Did you know that more than 2200 people die EACH DAY from heart disease?

That's one every 40 seconds.

Perhaps even more sobering is the fact that 1/3 of all heart attacks present as sudden cardiac death.

That means Prevention. Is. EVERYTHING!

Which is exactly why we had Dr. Wolfson, the Paleo Cardiologist, on the show so he can teach us exactly how to do just that.

He is experienced, passionate and on a mission to alter the trajectory of their health through heart disease prevention.

Given the fact that heart disease is still considered our #1 killer in America, this is NOT the episode to miss.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Why current heart disease treatments and protocols are inadequate
  • Why getting your cholesterol as low as possible isn't the best way to prevent heart disease
  • The dangers of extremely low cholesterol
  • Why LDL cholesterol is not the disease causing culprit its believed to be
  • Why he says statins are not necessary in his practice at all
  • The population who will get ZERO benefit from statins
  • The mechanism by which statins harm your brain
  • The hypertensive drugs that increase your risk of cancer
  • How to lower your blood pressure naturally
  • The simple trick you can use to lower your risk of heart disease every day
  • The vitamin that helps dramatically reduce blood pressure
  • One of the most effective blood-pressure reducing foods
  • Why nitrates and nitrites aren't the disease-causing culprits they're believed to be
  • Why he calls aspirin "the biggest sham in pharmaceutical history!"
  • The one indicator that you're NOT heart healthy
  • Whether or not being thin, means you're heart healthy...
  • Why diabetes is "just a label."
  • Why elevated blood sugar is dangerous
  • The blood sugar numbers that significantly decrease your risk or pretty much all diseases
  • Why your insulin levels may increase after starting a paleo diet and why it's a GOOD sign
  • Why dysfunctional HDL affects insulin levels
  • What two met analyses (2010, 2015!) in the American Journal of Clinical
  • Nutrition revealed about the link between saturated fat, cholesterol and heart disease
  • The incredibly important dietary strategy that most paleo adherents miss
  • Which supplements help prevent heart disease
  • The definition of an alcoholic
  • And much more!
Mar 1, 2017

Jane Barlow is the son of Dr. Max Barlow founder of Barlow Herbals. She has grown up around herbs her entire life and learned her father’s trade working side by side with him in the field. From learning the precise harvest seasons for each herb types to the distinct ways to dry, process and create powerful concentrated extracts, Jane truly understands how to capture the strength from the Earth. She spends years of research carefully formulating healthy products that she uses and endorses. Her 30-something sons have also NEVER taken antibiotics!

I begged Jane to come on the show and talk all about herbal remedies for today's common ailments!

So if you hate being sick, having headaches, migraines, Candida, parasites or feeling tired, or treating any of the aforementioned conditions with medications that have side effects, listen to the podcast so you can create your Herbal Arsenal!

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Why she started making herbal products
  • How her thirty something sons have NEVER taken an antibiotic
  • Why herbs can be a great alternative to modern medications
  • Where many pharmaceutical drugs are actually derived
  • The herb that aspirin is derived from
  • How to treat colds and flus naturally
  • The plant that saved MANY lives during the flu epidemic
  • Whether or not you need a flu shot?
  • Why she only recently began selling her products direct to customer
  • How to prevent the cold and flu
  • An effective remedy for viruses (including ear infections!)
  • Effective herbs for parasites and candida
  • What to do to PREVENT parasites and candida
  • How to do a parasite cleanse
  • How many of us are hosting a parasite
  • Remedies for tummy troubles and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome!)
  • Herbs to increase energy
  • The #1 cause of headaches
  • An amazing herb to alleviate headaches and migraines for good!
Feb 22, 2017

Dr. Mosley trained as a doctor at the Royal Free Hospital in London and after qualifying joined the BBC as a trainee assistant producer. Over the last 25 years he has made numerous science and history documentaries for the BBC, first behind the camera, more recently as a presenter. He was executive producer of QED, Trust Me I’m a Doctor and Superhuman. He is also the author of the Fast Diet.

Dr. Mosley successfully reversed his type 2 diabetes by fasting and so if you have excess weight (especially around the middle), insulin resistance, pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes, or unmet health goals than this is NOT the show to miss.

Here are sons of the other interesting things you'll lead:

  • How to lose weight and boost brain function without changing your diet
  • The empirically-supported benefits of intermittent fasting (IF)
  • The different types of IF
  • The history of fasting 
  • Which populations benefit from fasting
  • What your waist circumference can tell you about whether or not you should be fasting
  • Why fasting is beneficial EVEN when it's slightly stressful
  • How to do a 5/2 fast
  • How to fast and still eat EVERY day
  • Why research has shown that IF is surprisingly EASIER (physically and psychologically!) than standards diets
  • How IF helps you make healthier decisions
  • Why you actually eat LESS the day after you fast
  • Who should NOT be fasting
  • Whether or not fasting triggers eating disorders
  • How many food decisions you make each day (this will SHOCK you!)
  • How you should approach your first days fasting for best results!
  • One food that is really helpful on fasting days
  • And much more!
Feb 15, 2017
It may shock you to know that of the 80,000 chemicals in circulation today, only 200 of them have been tested for safety!


What's worse is that research is now showing that these chemicals can increase our risk for pretty much every disease AND make us fat.
Which is why in today's podcast we're going to geek out with Lara Adler, a Certified Holistic Health Coach and self-taught Environmental Toxins Expert.
Here are some of the juicy tidbits you're in for:
  • What toxins are and where they are found
  • The link between toxins and obesity
  • How exactly toxins make us fat
  • The surprising places you'll find obesogens 
  • Why the dose does NOT always make the poison
  • Which diseases the literature links to toxic exposure
  • what a NOAL level is and why it matters for your health
  • How many chemicals the typical woman is exposed to before she leaves the house
  • Why only 200 of the 80,000 chemicals in circulation have been thoroughly tested for safety
  • Why 2 chemicals is "badder" than one!
  • How much toxic exposure costs us in terms of health care costs (this will SHOCK you!)
  • The 5 steps to reducing your toxic exposure!
  • The most important step you can take to reduce toxic exposure
  • Why traditional "detoxes" don't necessarily remove toxins
  • Why toxins are stored in fat
  • Why many people get sick after gastric bypass surgery
  • Foods that encourage your body to release toxins
  • Why certain prescription medications trigger weight gain (really interesting!)
  • The reason rice almost always contains arsenic
  • How to reduce the amount of arsenic in your rice
  • Her favorite personal care products
  • Why BPA-free plastic may be even WORSE 
  • The beverage you can use to supercharge your detox
  • Lifestyle changes you can make to reduce your toxic burden
  • And much more!
Feb 8, 2017
In case you've never heard of Tracy Anderson, she is an American fitness/wellness entrepreneur and author. She is best known for her Tracy Anderson Method, with clients including Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Nicole Richie, Courteney Cox, Shakira, Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal, Ashley Greene, Jennifer Lopez, Preity Zinta, and Bethenny Frankel.
She has literally REVOLUTIONIZED fitness.
When I started working for her, even I was a skeptic. I used to think there was NO WAY you could dramatically alter the shape of your body, simply with exercise. Over the course of the next 4 years during my employment with her, Tracy proved to me that I couldn't have been more wrong. 
That is IS entirely possible to get the body of your dreams with strategic exercise.
(Especially when you couple it with dietary change, of course :) 
So if you're looking to burn fat, sculpt a toned and BALANCED body that not only looks great, but supports you in all of life's precious adventures, have listen so you can find out exactly how to do it!
Seriously. This conversation is PACKED with priceless nuggets of wisdom so don't miss out! 
Here are just a few of the gems you're in for:
  • The amazing events that compelled her to create her method
  • The science behind her method
  • Why her method is different than all other forms of exercise
  • What accessory muscles are and why they're important
  • Why balance is crucial to building the body of your dreams 
  • How to identify your body's imbalances
  • Her 4 different body types and how she discovered them
  • Whether cardio or muscular structure work is more important for fat loss
  • How many days a week you should be exercising 
  • Why the amount and type of exercise you do needs to change
  • The amount and ratio of exercise that works best for Tray now that she's in her 40's
  • Why traditional weight training can be abusive to your body 
  • What your mind set has to do with exercise
  • Whether or not Tracy thinks you should weigh yourself daily (we disagreed on this one!:)
  • Why it's crucial that your exercise routine keeps changing
  • Why she believes air conditioners prevent people from seeing great results
  • The perfect ratio of heat to humidity for fat burning
  • Why "checking out" during exercise sabotages results
  • Why it's imperative that you tune into your body during every exercise session
  • What performance has to do with calorie burning
  • Why she never talks during her exercise classes (this is fascinating!)
  • The minimum amount of time you should be exercising each week to stay fit
  • How to take a live class from Tracy in the comfort of your own home
  • And much more!
Feb 1, 2017

Liz Lipski, PhD, CCN, CNS, CHN, LDN, CFM, is Professor of Clinical Nutrition and the Director of Academic Development, Nutrition & Integrative Health at Maryland University of Integrative Health (MUIH). She is board certified in Clinical Nutrition, Holistic Nutrition, as a Nutrition Specialist, and in Functional Medicine. Dr. Lipski is nationally known for her pioneering work and expertise in the field of functional and integrative nutrition, and digestive health.

She is so incredibly knowledgable and this interview is PACKED with life-changing digestive health nuggets so don't miss out!

Here's what you'll learn:

  • What inspired her to write a book about digestion
  • The ROOT causes of our digestive issues today
  • Her #1 digestive hack
  • Why kids today are getting fatty livers
  • Why low carb diets help Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • The test your doc won't do but that you need to have if you have IBS
  • Herbs that can alleviate IBS
  • The foods you need to eliminate if you have IBS
  • Why stomach acid (HCL) is important for your health
  • How to test whether or not you have HCL issues 
2 at-home remedies for HCL insufficiency
  • What to do for heartburn
  • How to safely wean off heartburn medications
  • How to get to the ROOT of HCL insufficiency
  • What your POOP can tell you about your health
  • What transit time is, how to test it and why it matters
  • How to alleviate constipation
  • A important mineral for alleviating PMS
  • The difference between a food allergy and intolerance
  • The underlying factor for many digestive issues
  • How to detect food sensitivities
  • The best tests to diagnose food sensitives
  • How food sensitivity tests work
  • Two labs that offer advanced testing
  • Why digestive enzymes are important
  • What causes inadequate enzyme production
  • How to choose a high quality enzyme
  • Her favorite digestive enzymes
  • The enzymes she recommends for those with Celiac Disease and gluten sensitivity
  • And much more!
Jan 25, 2017

Temple Grandin is a renowned American author, animal behavior expert and an advocate for autistic people. With support from her mother and guiding mentors at school, she completed her education successfully and made a flourishing career as an animal expert and a parenting guru for autistic children. She has written numerous books on autism and animal welfare and has been providing consultation to slaughter plants and livestock farms to improve the quality of life of the cattle. She has received various awards towards her contribution to animal science and welfare and has made appearances on numerous television shows and international magazines.

As you can see, Dr. Grandin is a BIG deal.

She's revolutionized the way cows are slaughtered so that they experience as little pain and stress as possible.

She is also an autism advocate and the most accomplished and well known woman with autism in the WORLD.

You don't want to miss this chat!

Here are some of the highlights...

  • What inspired Dr. Grandin to get into animal agriculture
  • How and why Dr. Grandin revolutionized the way cows are slaughtered
  • The simple tricks she used to improve cow welfare
  • How her autistic mind helped her create a safer system for cows
  • The amazing lengths she's gone to in order to understand the cow's experience
  • The surprising things that spook cattle
  • Whether or not it is really humane to eat animals?
  • How stress affects meat quality
  • The details of her revolutionary system
  • Whether or not the cows know where they're headed
  • How common it is for a cow to suffer with her system
  • Why nature can be perhaps MORE harsh than slaughter
  • What she says to people who are still opposed to raising animals for food
  • What she thinks needs to be done to improve our educational systems
  • What she thinks about her HBO movie!
  • The importance of mentors
  • How to "turn on" different kinds of minds
  • What she's up to next
  • The one piece of advice she'd give to the parents of autistic children
  • And much more!
Jan 19, 2017

Did you know that 92% (9 out of 10) of us are deficient in one or more nutrients?

And that those who consume the fewest nutrients end up weighing the MOST?

It's counterintuitive, but true.

So if you're experiencing the "holiday bulge" like me, correcting your nutrient deficiency will make losing weight a LOT easier. It can also correct:

Brain fog
Hair loss
Skin issues
Anxiety and depression
Muscle Cramps
Poor wound healing
Digestive distress

So in today's podcast, my handsome husband and I talk all about everything I've learned in the creation of my new online program geared toward correcting nutrient deficiency and cultivating vibrant health called Radiate in 28!!

(And as you'll was a LOT of research!)

Here's what you're in for:

  • The definition of nutrient deficiency
  • How many people suffer today
  • The frightening consequences of nutrient deficiency
  • The important roles of nutrients
  • How to tell if you're deficient
  • The nutrient deficiency responsible for up to 90,000 deaths each year
  • The 12 reasons nutrient deficiency is rampant today
  • Why the Recommended Daily Intakes (RDIs) are inadequate when it comes to monitoring nutrient intake
  • How the RDA's and RDIs were created (truly fascinating!)
  • Why food labels cannot be relied on
  • The top 7 sources of American calories (this will SHOCK you!)
  • How many pounds of sugar Americans are eating each day!
  • What your genes have to do with how many nutrients you need
  • Why eating MORE food does not always prevent nutrient deficiency
  • 5 Common OTC medications that deplete nutrients
  • The foods you need to eat to reduce your risk of cancer
  • What the research says (and does not say) about the link between nutrient deficiency and obesity
  • The nutrient deficiencies associated with obesity
  • Whether you can "supplement" your way out of obesity
  • Why some of the research exploring the link between nutrient deficiency and weight gain is misleading
  • 3 ways nutrient deficiency makes weight gain effortless
  • What you need to do if you want to lose weight
  • Whether or not supplementation is necessary
  • Which supplements I take every day to bolster my nutrient reserves
  • The 10 steps you need to take to reverse nutrient deficiency
  • 3 foods you need to eliminate to reduce your risk
  • A 28 day program you can use to take your health to the next level (for ALMOST nothing!)
  • And much more!
Jan 11, 2017

Leanne is an ultra passionate Holistic Nutritionist and food blogger in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Her goal is to help people do away with feeling overpowered and controlled by food by giving them the tools they need to inject their lives with happiness, healthfulness, and a whole lot of dietary fat. She has spent over a decade revolutionizing her own perception of food and wellness by creating a life of kindness and acceptance toward herself!

She is inspiring, honest, experienced, and HILARIOUS!

I know you'll love her liberating and empowering approach almost as much as her innovative recipes (they are truly incredible)!


So have a listen and learn all the ins and outs of a sustainable and empowered high fat lifestyle!

Here are some of the gems you're in for:

A personal fact she's never told anyone on a podcast before
What made her so passionate about a high fat lifestyle
How she felt as a vegan
Why the keto that works for men doesn't always work for women
Who will benefit from a ketogenic diet
Who should not be using a ketogenic diet
What her macronutrient ratios look like
Why she doesn't count her kale...
The one keto-approved food she avoids with GREAT results
Whether or not she thinks it's necessary to stay in ketosis to see results
A day in the life of her meals
How to make salmon cakes (delicious!)
Whether or not supplementing to stay in ketosis is beneficial
The dietary combo that can make cheat days dangerous
What "carb ups" are and why they might change your life
The signs that you might need a carb up
Why eating carbs at night is not always a terrible idea
What she does before every meal to get in touch with her body
How to know when you're in ketosis
The sweet spot for measuring ketones
The best tests for ketosis
How to save lots of money while testing for ketosis
How to get past those nasty cravings in the first 3 weeks
A fat-filled lunch you can make in 2 seconds flat
Her 3 favorite keto recipes
The sugar alternative that doesn't affect her ketones
Two sweeteners to avoid
Her favorite keto sweet treat!
How to make keto whipped cream in just a few minutes!
How to make a keto milkshake
Her 5 favorite supplements for rocking a keto lifestyle
The type of magnesium to take before bed to keep you regular
The supplement that can help you recover from exercise and stress more quickly
And much more!

Jan 4, 2017

Can you imagine if after meals it felt like food was trapped in your esophagus!?

And sometimes it was so uncomfortable that you had to vomit or visit the emergency room?

Well this is exactly what happened to one of my best friends, Kelly Johnson, as a result of a condition called eosinophilic esophagitis.

Kelly and I met on Jennifer Lopez's first world tour where she was working as JLo's stylist and I was working as her personal trainer under the guidance of Tracy Anderson. You might have soon her in Jlo's documentary.

And even though doctors we not really able to resolve her issue (and in fact, recommended she start taking steroids), after some diligent experimentation and a few dietary teaks Kelly is virtually flare-up free and feeling like a brand new women!

As a result of spending 7 months on tour with yours truly, Kelly got more than her fair share of "food is medicine" chatter. Even if she doubted the incredible power of dietary change then, she is a true blue believer now.

Dec 15, 2016

The ABC's of a lean gut (and body!) with Dr. Grace Liu.

Dr. Grace Liu, also know by her blog name Dr. BG Animal Pharm, is a medical pharmacist with scientific, nutritional, and pharmacological training. She has studied plant biology and nutritional science, has a doctorate in pharmacy, is a certified Crossfit Nutritionist by Robb Wolf, and has a certificate from the Institute for Functional Medicine. She currently spends her time between the Bay Area and China.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Why she left the pharmaceutical industry to study the
  • Why the ketogenic diet did NOT work for her
  • Which foods helped her heal her gut
  • What the microbiome is
    Why there will NEVER be "microbiome" drug
  • What dysbiosis is and why it matters
  • Why you may STILL suffer from dysbiosis if you're paleo
  • Why some paleo adherents don't thrive at first (and how to fix this issue!)
  • What your poop can tell you about your health
  • What a fecal transplant is and the disease it can treat
  • An important test for gauging digestive function (hint: it's not a stool test!)
  • The cause of MANY digestive issues today
  • Why certain people can eat wheat without issues
  • What oxalates are and how they can harm your health
  • The root cause of oxalates
  • How I resolved my candida
  • Why genes are NOT destiny
  • What the research says about weight loss and gut health
  • The ABC's of a healthy lean gut
  • How to eat to get a lean gut
  • The 3 foods that RUINS your gut health
  • How many grams of carbs you should eat each day for ideal gut health
  • Fibers and foods that can improve metabolic health
  • The problems with resistant starch
  • How your hydrochloric acid levels affect your blood sugar (this is fascinating!)
  • What supplements you should take if you get glutenized!
  • Her "secret weapon" probiotic that helps her keep a flat tummy
  • HOW you should take your probiotics to make them most effective
  • Lifestyle changes you can make that help you build a healthy gut!
  • Why having a pet is good for your gut
  • And much more!
Dec 7, 2016

Nora Gedgaudas is a widely recognized expert on what is popularly referred to as the “Paleo diet”. She is the author of the international best-selling book, Primal Body, Primal Mind: Beyond the Paleo Diet for Total Health and A Longer Life. She is also the author of the best selling ebook: Rethinking Fatigue: What Your Adrenals Are Really Telling You and What You Can Do About It.

Nora is one smart cookie.

Her knowledge base was actually even wider than I had anticipated (which is pretty impressive because she's one of my heroes!) and it made for an incredibly FASCINATING and enlightening conversation.

Soooooo many "aha" moments!

Here are some of the fascinating tidbits you won't want to miss:

  • The dangers of chronically elevated blood sugar
  • A little known therapy that can heal your brain and mental health issues
  • How accurate is blood sugar as a measure of health?
  • How to identify blood sugar issues
  • How to keep your blood sugar steady
  • What ideal blood sugar readings look like
  • The importance and limitations of glucometers
  • Why certain foods trigger insulin but not blood sugar and why it matters
  • The sweetener that DOESN'T trigger insulin
  • Why certain people tolerate carbohydrates better than others
  • How to get your body to stop burning carbs so it can start burning FAT
  • What carb cravings say about our health
  • Supplements that help fight carb cravings
  • Health issues that could be at the root of your carb cravings
  • Why NO ONE has ever had a carb deficiency
  • The supplement company that puts GLUTEN in all their supplements
  • Why making your own ketones is always better than supplementing
  • The dangers of synthetic ketones
  • The ultimate goal of ketosis
  • And much more!
Nov 30, 2016
Summer Bock is a Fermentationist and founder of Guts & Glory, an online company dedicated to providing clients with the knowledge and actionable skills to heal their digestive issues naturally. Her practice is based on the premise that good health starts in the gut. She is a trained herbalist with a background in microbiology and is certified by Columbia University in Integrative Nutrition.
We met Summer at JJ Virgin's Mindshare event this summer and she was one of my favorites. She is not only incredibly knowledgable but also tons of FUN and I think you're going to love this interview!
Here are just a few of the gems you're in for:
  • Why fermented foods are the MOST important foods for gut healing
  • The many benefits of fermented foods
  • How to choose fermented foods at the store
  • How to make perfect ferments at home
  • Summer's favorite probiotics for optimal gut health
  • The population that should avoid fermented foods
  • What a "golden doodle" is and why you want one
  • A simple at-home trick for gauging your digestion
  • And much more!
Have a listen, add fermented foods to your diet and float through this holiday season with vibrant health!
Nov 16, 2016

Magdalena is a Certified Holistic Health Coach trained at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York City. She healed her own autoimmune conditions, (Graves Disease and Hashimoto's) using food as medicine and today she has a thriving practice where she teaches others to do the same!

So if you're looking to lose weight (and keep it off!), improve your menstrual cycle and/or prevent disease by balancing your hormones, Magdalena is your girl!

She is brimming with experience, insight and practical tips that will change the way you look at hormones forever. So have a listen so you can learn all about the many ways you can use food to improve your hormonal health TODAY!

Here's what you're in for...

  • What hormones are and why they're important
  • How to break through your weight loss resistance
  • The factor that causes 90% of all thyroid issues
  • Why PMS is NOT normal
  • The #1 hormonal cause of painful periods and thyroid nodules
  • The often forgotten leading cause of breast cancer in the US
  • The 3 hormonal imbalances that cause weight loss resistance
  • What your body shape can tell you about your hormonal health
  • The truth about estrogen dominance
  • The test you want to get to determine your estrogen levels
  • Do flaxseeds help or hurt estrogen dominance?
  • The 3 factors that could be causing your estrogen dominance
  • A simple trick you can use to reduce PMS symptoms
  • How to use food to balance your hormones
  • The fascinating link between the gut and your hormones
  • The 3 foods you'll want to avoid for hormonal health
  • The common beverage that could be creating your hormonal issues
  • The "healthy" food that inhibited my sister's weight loss
  • The one tip that you can do every morning to set yourself up for hormonal health
  • The food you should be eating to support your liver health
  • Two tasty alternatives for a common and hormonally-problematic morning beverage
  • The one piece of advice Magdalena would share to help you improve your health
  • And much MORE!
Nov 10, 2016

Jessica Flanigan is an autoimmune Protocol leader and expert. She has been a clinical nutritionist for 20 years and exclusively assisting clients in AIP for over three years. She has worked extensively in private practice while also working alongside many practitioners including medical doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists and body workers. She is CEO of Nourishful Inc. and speaks around the country about the value of using illness as an opportunity.

Today's discussion is all about what she believes is the #1 reason some people are not able to put their autoimmune illness into remission even with comprehensive dietary intervention. She also has a unique dietary approach that she's perfected in her work with thousands of clients. So even if you think you've heard it ALL about autoimmune disease, I can guarantee you'll be fascinated by what she has to say.

Here's what you'll learn:

What autoimmune diseases are
Why an autoimmune diagnosis isn't always BAD news
Why autoimmune disease is not being adequately addressed
The treatment strategy that most autoimmune protocols are missing
One step you can take to ensure you get the BEST care
The importance of being in cooperation with your illness
How to get out of victim mentality
What trauma can do to your body
The surprising best indicator of whether or not one can work through trauma
The difference between sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system dominance
How trauma causes digestive issues.
The one thing that gets us out of a autonomic dysfunction the FASTEST
An exercise that helps you EXPERIENCE your thoughts transforming into biochemical realities
How to locate limiting beliefs that could be harming your health
A simple trick to help resolve interpersonal conflict
The digestive issue that she sees in MOST people she works with
The hidden factor she often finds in those who can't re-introduce foods
Her unique dietary protocol for healing autoimmune disease
The autoimmune protocol and paleo friendly foods she removes to help her client heal.
The tests we should use to determine where we're at one the autoimmune spectrum
The sacred paleo food that 1/3 of those she tests is sensitive to
And much more!

Nov 2, 2016

Luanne is a southern belle and mother of 3 who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013. At that time, she was told by doctors that without surgery she would die. Despite her doctor's warnings, Luanne opted out of surgery and decided to forgo traditional treatment completely.

Today she is happy, healthy and cancer free!

She is also humble, wise, HONEST and brimming with insight that just may change your life! So listen to the podcast and learn all about her inspiring story and treatment protocol.

Here's are just a few of the juicy tidbits you're in for:

What she believes contributed to her breast cancer diagnosis
What is at the root of most disease
The shockingly small percentage of women whose cancer is genetic
What she did to determine whether or not chemotherapy would work for her
Why she opted out of surgery
Why she believes she was able to avoid chemotherapy
The disappointing facts about traditional cancer therapy outcomes
What her alternative protocol looked like
Where she found affordable supportive supplements
What she recommends for those who have cancer (or who have a family member with cancer!)
The one food that is a HUGE contributing factor to most major diseases
The important vitamin that played a huge role in her recovery
The critical part of her treatment protocol that had nothing to do with diet or supplements (that most people fail to address!)
An alternative breast cancer screening that lets you avoid the radiation in traditional mammograms
What she thinks everyone needs to do to help prevent cancer and other diseases
And much more!

Oct 26, 2016
Chris has a Ph.D. in Nutritional Sciences from the University of Connecticut. He completed his post-doc at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and is currently Assistant Professor of Health and Nutrition Sciences at Brooklyn College, part of the City University of New York.

And as his resume suggests, he is one smart cookie!

In fact, there is truly no one more knowledgable on the subject of dietary fats. 

In fact, he knows so much about the topic that it may actually make your brain hurt!

In a good way, of course. :) 

Here are some of the fascinating snippets you're in for:

  • What symptoms made him abandon his vegan diet 
  • What research shows is the #1 most anxiolytic food
  • Why those prone to anxiety may benefit from more protein 
  • Why he believes the recommendations to limit saturated fat will soon crumble 
  • What saturated fat is
  • Which foods are highest in saturated fats (this will surprise you!)
  • What the only high quality, properly controlled studies revealed about saturated fats and veggie oils
  • The MAJOR limitation of most studies about saturated fat
  • The major health issue vegetable oil consumption appears to cause that is seldom reported
  • The million dollar questions that 40 years of research has STILL failed to answered
  • Which fats our ancestors were consuming for vibrant health 
  • The health benefits of high quality saturated fat
  • The type of saturated fat that is beneficial for mitochondria and may help reduce your risk of Parkinson's 
  • Why it's silly to micromanage our dietary saturated fat intake
  • The fats that are beneficial for shifting body composition 
  • Which population may benefit from a stick of butter a day
  • Whether or my red meat is as dangerous as Americans have been lead to believe 
  • Why he thinks the WHO's recommendations about red meat are "noise in the background of science."
  • What your antioxidant status has to do with your red meat intake 
  • How to interpret your 23 & Me, DNA testing results 
  • The foods you should be eating to get the best dietary fats
  • And much more!


Oct 19, 2016

Jonathan Bailor is a New York Times bestselling author and internationally recognized wellness expert who specializes in using modern science and technology to simplify health. Bailor has collaborated with top scientists for more than 10 years to analyze and apply over 1,300 studies. His work has been endorsed by top doctors and scientists from Harvard Medical School, Johns’ Hopkins, The Mayo Clinic, The Cleveland Clinic, and UCLA.

Despite what Jillian Michaels (who misunderstood his message and attacked him on her podcast!) has said, after spending 10+ years with his nose buried in the literature, he is a BRIMMING with insight and weight loss wisdom!

So if you, or someone you LOVE, is still being duped by the calorie myth, then please don't miss our 30 minute action-packed episode!

Here's what you're going to learn:

  • Why we shouldn't count calories
  • Why calorie math has been disproven in every trial ever done
  • Why the food industry is driven to perpetuate the calorie myth
  • Why food does NOT make us store fat (and what does)
  • Why "natural" isn't always healthy
  • The critical difference between weight loss and fat loss
  • Why adequate protein promotes fat fat loss
  • How protein helps build lean muscle tissue
  • Why lean muscle tissue keeps your trim
  • How much protein you need at each meal
  • The food that should ALWAYS cover 50% of your plate
  • The 4 factors that matter most for how a food is used by your body
  • Why shopping at health food stores does not guarantee vibrant health
  • And much more!
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